Let’s Do This!

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Alright, you’re ready to find your family!
These items will give the Absolute Best Results:

DNA Testing: The best tool in figuring out a family tree, especially if you have brick walls you’re trying to break through, is having/getting a DNA test. For genealogical purposes, the best company to test with is Ancestry, as they have the largest database of testers, and more existing family trees that may have all the information you’re searching for.

Knowing as much information as possible on your parents, grandparents, and bonus if you have it, your great grandparents:
For each person:
• Name
• Birth date and location
• Death date and location
• Any locations in between
• Spouse’s name
• Sibling(s) name(s)
• Parents’ names
• Any documentation you may have on each person

Have an Ancestry account
If you do not already have an Ancestry account, start a free one now. Make me an Editor to your tree, and give me access to see your DNA matches (if you tested). Giving me access to see your matches does NOT give me access to your actual DNA data, which will remain private. I can provide you instructions on how to do these things.

As to not waste your money, I will assess each account before beginning.

🚫 I would be happy to look at DNA matches for those who are trying to solve adoption mysteries, and can offer suggestions to move forward, however finding lost parents is a highly specialized skill that I do not offer.

Choose Your Goal:

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Start or Build
Upon a Tree

Begin or build upon a family tree for you, populating as many people as I can within the agreed upon time period.

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Focus on a
Particular Line

Concentrate my time focusing on a particular line of your family.

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Help Me
Help Myself

Consulting: Work with or teach you how to get further along with your own research. Including different available tools.