Family photo of three generations taken in the 1940s
In an effort to financially survive this pandemic crisis, I am offering 5 Hours of geneaology time to start or build upon your family tree for $75.

In the last couple years Ancestry has sold thousands of DNA kits, but most people didn’t do anything with that valuable resource other than look at their ethnicity. The really valuable part of having your DNA tested is learning your family history. Unfortunately to do so, you have to pay for their subscription, and that’s when most people walk away. That’s where I come in! I have the complete worldwide subscription, and can build that tree for you.

They say kids who know their family history do better in school, because they are more invested knowing they had family involved in those events. Growing up I had zero interest in history, but now knowing my family went through some pretty crazy times, I wish I’d paid better attention in school!

A child knowing their ancestry comes from many different countries, also helps reinforce that we are all the same.

I hope you’ll let me take you on this fun ride, much more valuable than a one-time $75 dinner out!

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for doing this. Going into this I knew little to nothing about my mom’s family and this has helped to ensure that her side of the family doesn’t just fade away.

I have truly enjoyed working with you. You literally did everything.”

— Alex